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Contract AI Forecast: Risks are Not Expected

Intelligent Document Processing

Boost your processes with AI-powered Axirum Tools.
Release employees from routine tasks of scanning documents, manual input into the system, proofreading and analyzing content. Axirum is equipped with intelligent tools based on computer vision, machine learning and artificial neural networks.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Based on machine learning, OCR and NLP

AI-powered Content Analysis

With the help of computer vision

Immediate Effect

Data classification with accuracy over 95%

High Compatibility

Integration with systems of various classes (BPM, ECM, ERP, HRM, etc.)

Further Development

Built-in tools to improve the system on your own

Documents capture and recognition

Incoming documents are automatically imported into the system from a scanner, e-mail, or an exchange service. AI analyzes content, defines its type, and extracts data from a document, no matter if it is a contract, an invoice, or a hotel bill.

Responsible employee needs to check if extracted data is valid and verifies the document.

Extracted data can be automatically transferred to other information system for further processing.

Intelligent route selection

Axirum analyzes document content and defines an optimal approval cycle.

Document versions comparison

The system allows to compare document versions: differences are highlighted and a manager can see what has been changed. For instance, the manager can compare the initial version of a contract with the scanned version that has returned from a counterparty

Smart search of documents

Search functionality supports fuzzy and federated search and helps finding documents in natural language even without exact criteria. For example, user can easily find contracts with similar conditions.

Search results take into account access rights of users.

Apply intelligent tools for various business processes

  • Contract Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR Management

Risk Forecast

AI analyzes contract terms for potential opportunities and risks (fines, penalties, payment dates, etc.) and sends a short review to a responsible employee to make conclusions.

Compliance Assessment

The system automatically identifies areas of non-compliance and checks a contract for the presence of all mandatory requisites, clauses, and details. After that, a responsible employee receives a short review.

Version Comparison

Axirum highlights differences, and a specialist can see what has been changed in a contract either by the counterparty or by internal approvers.

Documents processing

Axirum automatically captures, recognizes, and classifies accounting documents into types.

The system selects optimal approval route based on invoice requisites (name, type, total amount, counterparty, etc.).

2-, 3-way and non-PO matching

AI automatically extracts data, enters the documents into the system, and performs 2-, 3-way and non-PO matching considering information in an ERP system to highlight discrepancies.

Financial Archive

Smart Services quickly organize digital financial archive. The services recognize and distribute documents among folders and storages, and completes metadata in their registration cards.

CVs search

AI searches and captures relevant CVs on recruiting websites, then send a task to HR specialist to review a candidate.

Applicants’ CVs analysis

The system analyzes if a candidate fits requirements in a job description. HR manager receives a brief review and recommendations regarding the applicant.

Travel & Expense

Axirum processes business trip documents, automatically fills in expense report cards with extracted facts and sends them to an accountant for approval. The system highlights recognized facts both in a document text and in a document card to make the check easier.

  • Beauty industry company

    • 500 sets of accounting documents are processed every day.
    • 97% accuracy of document classification.
    • Preliminary postings are created in SAP automatically.
  • Telecommunications operator

    • 86% average document classification accuracy.
    • After AI processing 68% of documents didn’t need manual correction.
  • Manufacturing company

    • 12.054 documents were registered over the first three months after installing Axirum.
    • 2 times (from 5 to 2.5 minutes) less time is now required to process an incoming document.
  • Financial company

    • It takes 1.5 minutes to extract the account number and compare it to the one stored in the system.
    • 40 sets of documents are processed automatically every day.
  • Retailing company

    • 90% of data is extracted from invoices.
    • 95% accuracy of document classification.
    • 3 hours a day is saved for the company’s accountants.

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