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Contract AI Forecast: Risks are Not Expected

Experiencia gestión de contratos digitales

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  • Creación avanzada de contratos: plantillas generadas automáticamente, biblioteca de cláusulas preaprobadas, finalización automática de los datos de contraparte y verificación de diligencia debida

  • Flujo de trabajo inteligente y revisión acelerada: selección inteligente de una ruta de aprobación óptima, edición simultánea de documentos, comparación de versiones impulsadas por IA.

  • Almacenamiento seguro y monitoreo de rendimiento: Un repositorio único, asignación de derechos de acceso, Búsqueda difusa y federada de documentos, widgets e informes listos.

Las empresas valoraron Axirum Administración Digital de Contratos

  • «The system managed to significantly reduce the time required to approve documents thanks to automatic substitution of absent employees, remote access to the system, the mobile apps, and instant delivery of requests and inquiries.

    Our employees can be sure that they would never lose a document or send it by a wrong workflow cycle. The managers can clearly see workload of their employees responsible for document management»


    Toyota Motor LLC

  • «Within the implementation project, we found optimization possibilities on the level of company’s regulations, and right now, we are improving them. The system users have already given us feedback with proposals on further development and extended use of Axirum in Kellogg’s»


  • «The electronic document archive significantly reduced the time our experts spend on document search and processing. All the departments dealing with financial document management now have an easy-to-use tool to organize, store, track, and manage documents»

    Leroy Merlin