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Our Services

Consulting & Business Analysis, Implementation, User Training, Pilot Testing, Support

Axirum services are based on over 30 years of experience in enterprise software development and implementation for organizations of various sizes and industries.

To support our customers in digital transformation, we provide a full range of services. Our unique implementation methodology built on the industry’s best practices and includes template solutions library, business processes analysis & modeling, transparent & effective project management, training for end-users & administrators, support of IT solutions.

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • User Training
  • Pilot Testing
  • Support
  1. Studying and investigating customer’s processes
  2. Finding out pain points and bottlenecks
  3. Suggesting ways to optimize the processes
  4. Working out documentation

Combined with business process optimization automation gives double effect. We offer real-world solutions that do not remain as a recommendation report. The developed guidelines are integrated into the system and become a part of work processes.

  1. Deploying the system
  2. Configuring, customizing, and modifying the system
  3. Testing
  4. Working out operation guidelines

A flexible approach to implementation helps to find the balance between cost reduction and result achievement. Depending on project complexity, there are several alternatives of Axirum implementation from deployment by an in-house team, to full outsourcing of vendor or its partners.

  1. Training lead users
  2. Training administrators and developers
  3. Holding workshop(s) for management team

Qualified personnel training is the core element of successful implementation and further development of the system. The certified trainers use unique methodologies and programs, tailored by Axirum.

  1. Operational testing
  2. Adjusting the system according to users’ requests
  3. System launch

We organize pilot testing at full functionality under a real-time operating condition to ensure achieving project goals and guarantee a successful launch of the system.

  1. Providing technical support
  2. Consulting customer’s specialists
  3. Diagnosing the system
  4. Helping in further development of the system

Axirum customers support guarantees stable functioning of the implemented system. We also help our clients to develop the system and create new solutions as their business grows and new needs appear.

Fill in the form and we will organize personal demonstration with deep dive into your company’s processes:

  1. Find out bottlenecks and suggest ways to optimize the processes.
  2. Help to form the checklist for choosing the right software for your company.
  3. Estimate the price taking into account your individual needs.