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For years, we help our clients digitalize documents and business processes

About company

Axirum is an international company with a headquarters in Dubai, UAE. We create intelligent enterprise-level solutions for digital processes and document management.

A wide range of Axirum solutions deals with key business tasks and can easily be customized and modified for particular needs and demands.

At its core, there is a powerful platform, fitted with intelligent tools, intuitive and engaging, highly scalable and adaptive, providing reliable basis for distributed architecture and integration with other systems and solutions.

To help customers in digital transformation, we have built a dependable partner network that currently includes more than 100 companies, serving a large number of clients from all over the world.








Certified Professionals

We provide a variety of services for building digital infrastructure: analyzing business processes, developing, implementing and maintaining IT solutions.

Over the years, Axirum has gained vast practical experience in working with companies of various sizes and industries.

Over the years Axirum has gained vast practical experience in working with companies of various sizes and industries from over 3000 local and global companies.


We create environment for continuous professional growth and currently employ 150+ full-time employees from various countries across the world. Our team includes software engineers and developers, architects, QA engineers, IT and business analysts, consultants, project managers and many other specialists working together.

Our professionals are certified in project management, Microsoft, SAP, ABBYY and other technologies.

Technological Partners and Certificates

Fill in the form and we will organize personal demonstration with deep dive into your company’s processes:

  1. Find out bottlenecks and suggest ways to optimize the processes.
  2. Help to form the checklist for choosing the right software for your company.
  3. Estimate the price taking into account your individual needs.