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Deloitte Introduces HR Portal Based on Axirum

Ergonomic solution meets data security requirements and helps the company’s clients to move up a gear in management of vacations, business trips, and expense reports.

Deloitte is the world leading professional service network with offices in over 150 countries. The company provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and legal services.

In 2020, Deloitte decided to develop the HR Portal that would help the company’s clients to manage their HR documents and procedures. The solution had to be based on a stable and fault-tolerant platform meeting labor law requirements and international data security standards.

Why Axirum?

Multi-tenant cloud-based architecture allows hundreds of the Deloitte's clients to use the HR Portal at the same time.

Two-factor pass-through authentication via ADFS and SMS ensures secure access to the solution.

Signing of paper and electronic documents as well as support of all electronic signature types helps Deloitte to adhere an agile and client-centric approach.

Integration with an accounting system prevents duplicating of data entries, minimizes mistakes and provides better user experience.

Vacation Management

The HR Portal sends notifications to employees, thus ensuring that the vacation schedule is prepared on time. When an employee selects a vacation period, the system checks that it lasts at least 14 consecutive calendar days as prescribed by the labor law. The vacation schedule is generated automatically, and all overlaps of planned vacations are highlighted.

Employees can request or cancel vacation just in a few clicks. When the scheduled vacation begins, the solution creates the corresponding vacation order.

Business Trips and Expense Reports

To have a business trip approved, an employee specifies in the business trip card all required information, such as dates, route, and planned expenses, and sends it to his or her manager. Basing on the specified data, the solution generates the business trip task and sends a request to a travel agency for tickets purchase and accommodation reservation.

Payment orders to transfer advances are created automatically via integration with an accounting system. If a company does not use corporate payment cards, the payment may be transferred to the employee’s personal card as well.

After the business trip is approved, the employee fills in an electronic expense report and sends it along with supporting documents for approval. When the report is signed, all required data is sent to the accounting system to create a corresponding journal entry.

The HR Portal significantly reduces expenses on selection of the IT solution that meets law requirements in terms of HR document management, labor relations, electronic docflow, and personal data management, provides full support of clients business processes including outsourcing, and whose intuitive interface helps users to learn its features.

We are planning to expand features of the HR Portal by introducing new modules, such as “Personal Account” through which employees will be able to apply for certificates and documents, request benefits, review pay sheet, send various notifications, specify the number of an electronic sick-leave sheet, sign a confirmation for overtime work and work in a day off. We will continue promotion of electronic document management by developing technical tools and providing legal and methodological support, thus ensuring optimal business processes and convenient services for our clients.

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