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Axirum Partnership

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Certified Professionals

Why Axirum

Powerful product

Get more clients and become their long-term supplier with Axirum partnership!
Expand sales funnel

and attract new customers by adding new business solutions to your portfolio.

Meet every client’s specific needs

with the help of the powerful platform with various customization tools and inbuilt AI.

Gain trust of your client applying the best practices we collected

while designing solutions with local and global companies like P&G, Deloitte, L’Oreal, METRO, OBI, BP, and many others.

Demonstrate real processes

at presale stage to help customers make clear decision and understand what changes they really need.

30+ ready-to-use solutions that can be easily configured and adjusted to customer’s specific processes.

Axirum Development Studio with visual editor and low-code approach allows to customize existing solutions and create new ones. 

Powerful platform with proven effectiveness and scalability able to support simultaneous work of thousands of users.

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for extracting facts from structured and unstructured documents and data classification.

Integration with any corporate software and inbuilt localization tool able to adapt solutions to any language and country specifics.

Partner Program Benefits

Enter new business area comfortably with no-fee partnership and personal business roadmap based on your strong points.

  • No-fee partnership with reasonable commitments.
  • Personal partner account manager.
  • Tailor-made roadmap with stepwise development plan from training to first projects.
  • Access to the Axirum system for demonstration, testing, development, etc.

Increase sales success rate with support of Axirum experts and joint work.

  • Free consultancy and support from our experts’ team in sales, marketing and more.
  • Assistance during your meetings with clients, business deals and projects – our expertise works for you.
  • No competition between partners and vendor.

Enhance business effectiveness with personal benefits.

  • Your work directly result in the higher partner percent and increased profit.
  • Collaborative work as business partners with mutual responsibility.
  • Flexible Benefits Range – we are ready for your suggestions.

Tech Stack

We use wide technical base and a number of top-quality products and tools to maximize the value of our solutions for customers.

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